Remedial Massage

From the word "Remedy", a goal oriented treatment with the focus on a  specific issue or dysfunction. Relying on objective and measurable assessments before and after sessions to guide an ongoing treatment plan in order to achieve the best results. Dependent upon the severity and length of the condition, it is usually recommended that at least three treatments are attended to ensure progress made does not regress and to prevent the issue from recurring. Remedial Massage is ideal for those wishing to reduce pain or improve mobility. 

Relaxation Massage

How well you manage stress is the leading contributor to your physical and mental health. Massage with the intention of relaxation is effective in minimising the effects of stress on your body and day to day life. Massage can be used to stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, signalling to the brain to switch off the Fight or Flight mechanism that our daily stressors activate. Relaxation Massage is ideal for those wishing to improve their sleep quality, energy levels, general muscle tension and focus.





Specific and intentional care to meet your personal goals.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman's life. With this big change in life circumstances along with the rise in hormone production and weight on the body, it can be an uncomfortable journey. With Heartworks Pregnancy Massage, I invite you to embrace this beautiful stage of your body bringing another soul into this world by allowing your self to receive. This type massage is traditionally performed side-lying and may be quite intimate and emotional for some, but always within your comfort .




Sports Massage

 Sports Massage involves firm and specific techniques to relieve fascial restrictions and areas of tension. Generally suited for the more active client to enhance recovery and improve performance by reducing muscular imbalances and risk of injury. Regular treatments are recommended as part of maintenance for those with a heavy training regime or time-specific goal.

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