I have chosen to move away from separate treatment options, this gives us the freedom to best support you at that moment in time as opposed to locking in a predetermined treatment style. All sessions include a combination of remedial, relaxation and sports massage techniques to match your individual goals. Use of dry needling or myofascial cupping may be introduced where required, only after receiving informed consent from the client at the time. 

Each appointment includes a consultation as well as pre and post-treatment assessment to ensure best results. Please ensure you communicate with me before, during and after the treatment should you have any preferences or concerns as each person is completely different. Remember that harder is not necessarily better and I cannot feel what you feel, my top priority is to cause no harm, there's always another way for us to alter techniques in order to reach the desired outcome without using force. 

Prenatal treatments are performed in a side-lying position with extra cushioning to ensure your comfort. Please book these sessions as per normal and mention in the NOTES session that you are pregnant so that I can alter the treatment room accordingly. 

30min $65

60min $110

90min $150