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Offering a selection of services for a holistic approach to pain, recovery, health & performance. 

1. Massage (Remedial, Dry Needling & Cupping)

Remedial Massage targeted at relieving pain and supporting recovery.
Focusing on a particular area of concern while looking at the body as a whole and encouraging Nervous System relaxation to address the source as well as the symptom. Dry needling and/or cupping may be suggested during your session with informed consent, or included upon request. 

2. Motion (Mobility & Corrective Exercise)

Integrating breathwork, mobility & corrective exercise to help restore function, decrease pain & improve posture. The initial consultation & movement assessment explores how you're using your body to establish an ongoing plan for taking care of your body outside of the treatment room too.


3. Muscle (Strength & Conditioning)

1:1 Private gym sessions following a personalised strength & conditioning program tailored to you & your body with a focus on building strength for mobility, pain, health & performance. Coaching services are available for those who want to commit to their health & self-care with tailored programming, ongoing 1:1 support & communication between sessions, monthly massage appointments, weekly reflective check-ins & feedback, & assistance with recovery, mindset & self-care for sustainable results. 

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