1) Massage 

2) Motion

3) Coaching


Remedial Massage targeted at relieving pain and supporting recovery.

These sessions focus on a particular area of concern while looking at the body as a whole to address the source as well as the symptom.

Dry needling and/or cupping are available on request or may be suggested during your session. Consultation and assessment will guide the treatment plan for best results. 

Motion sessions are focused on improving movement quality to give you the tools to take care of yourself outside of the treatment room too. 
Initial consultation includes postural and movement assessments to identify weaknesses and areas to improve. Combining foam rolling, breathing, mobility, strength and technique corrections to combat pain and enhance performance in your sport and activities. 

Receive your own personalised training and recovery plan tailored to you, your lifestyle and goals. Different levels of support are available to ensure you have all the tools you need for your rehab, lifestyle or performance goals.