1) Massage 

2) Motion

3) Health & Performance Coaching


Remedial Massage targeted at relieving pain and supporting recovery.

These sessions focus on a particular area of concern while looking at the body as a whole to address the source as well as the symptom.

Dry needling and/or cupping are available on request or may be suggested during your session. Consultation and assessment will guide the treatment plan for best results. 

Motion sessions are focused on addressing pain & improving movement quality through exercise to give you the tools to take care of yourself outside of the treatment room too. Combining foam rolling, breathing, mobility & strength work to combat pain & enhance performance in your sport & activities.

Using postural & movement assessments to identify weaknesses & areas to improve, we'll look at your lifting technique & explore exercises & home care advice to get the most out of your training.

This is for you if you are searching for a personalised plan with guidance & accountability to achieve your goals in health & performance. Offering a combination of online & in-person coaching opens the opportunity for personalised strength & recovery programs with 1:1 support.

With individually tailored exercise programs, education, recovery & lifestyle support for sustainable results so you can feel strong & confident in your body, break through barriers & do the things you love without fear of pain or limitation.